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About Theologika Digest

Theologika Digest is dedicated to building up the Christian Community by bringing various reflections on our everyday lives with and in the Holy Trinity. Many wonderful reflections never reach a broader audience and many people think that “theology” is something too lofty for them to grasp. Since it is a digest, this publication will focus on shorter articles that can be understood by a general audience. While Theologika Digest is intended for a Catholic audience primarily, it also honors the commitment of the Second Vatican Council and recent popes including St. John XXIII ad St. John Paul II to inter-faith dialog and conversations with non-Christian religions. Theologika Digest is not an official Catholic publication. However the content and views we present are meant to be compatible with official Church teaching.

Submission Guidelines

Contributions are always welcome from people of all ages. Submissions can be in text, audio, and video formats. We encourage teachers and graduate students to submit papers which may be longer and more complex. Submissions from young people and the older generations are also welcome. All authors will preserve their own copyright and all other rights to their intellectual property


Article or book review should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words and submitted electronically as a Word document. Please include art or graphics to accompany your submissions provided that you have permission to use any copyrighted material.


Graphics or images should be submitted as jpeg or gif files. PowerPoint slides should be converted to gif files.

Audio & Video Submissions

Audio content or podcasts require the permission of all of the paticipants. The use of any copyrighted content requires permission from the owner. Videos should already be posted to Youtube, vimeo, or another hosting platform. Slideshows should be posted on or another hosting platform.


Fine Art
Graphic Novels


Home Making
Prayer at Home
Family Prayer and Devotions
Recipes for Liturgical Seasons and Feast Days
Social Justice Activities and Programs
Diocesan Parish Ministries: Homeless, Imprisoned, Human Trafficking,


Spiritual Direction and the Interior Life
Faith Formation for All Ages
Book Reviews
Reviews of Religious Education Materials


Documents of the Second Vatican Council
Liturgy & Sacraments – What they Mean and How to Prepare for Them and Live Them
Lay Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Liturgical Planning for Weddings, Funerals, and other Occasions