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Posted by on Sep 6, 2014

Called to Community – September 2014

Called to Community – September 2014

Featured Profile

Fr. David Heney

Fr. David Heney was the assistant pastor of St. Monica Parish in Santa Monica, CA in 2001 and he faced a challenge. The same 50 people came to every parish adult education program. For more on his creative solution to this challenge, read here ...


LA Cathedral tapestry 12.2005

John Nava's tapestries depicting the Communion of Saints adorn the walls of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Read more ...

Just For Fun!

Can you identify these people and their roles in the Church community?

Leadership of the Church puzzle - blank

For help solving this puzzle, see "Ask Theologika".

For a downloadable copy of the puzzle, click here: Church Leadership puzzle

Solution: Church Leadership puzzle solution    No cheating now!


Pope Francis' Vision for the Church

Featured Image Cropped -Pope Francis - Canonization_2014-_The_Canonization_of_Saint_John_XXIII_and_Saint_John_Paul_II_(14036966125) - Jeffrey Bruno - Creative Commons Pope Francis has made it clear that the church needs to be a servant of the poor and herald of the gospel. In his thinking and actions, he has re-opened the door to many of Liberation Theology's insights. Read more ...

Living in Faith

Models of Church
How do we live in community? What organizational models would be best for us as a community? How can our communal life best support our own journey of faith and growth in holiness? How does community bring us closer to God? Read more ...


Labor Day Statement - Bishops 2014 The Labor Day Statement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops connects Catholic social teaching concretely to the challenges of unemployment and underemployment in the United States today. Read more ...

 USCCB Labor Day Statement 2014

Declaración del día del Trabajo

Ask Theologika

Ask theologika with subtext

Dear Theologika,

Can you explain why there are so many types of religious leaders in the Catholic Church? Pope? Bishop? Priest? Deacon?  Read more ...


Spirituality in Daily Living

Nowen on friends - Marsha West image


Goal of the Church

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